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Ukrainian Family Settlement Program

Become a Host Family!

Do you have a home to share with a Ukrainian family to help them settle in Canada and get on their feet? Are you willing to make a three month commitment? Please consider applying to be a host by contacting us or beginning the process using the application form below. Note that the instructions and process are outlined on the first page of the form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting Ukrainians

Question #1: Am I still able to host a Ukrainian family or individual if I have a place to share buy am unable to afford to help out with extra food costs, transportation, or other supports?

Answer #1: Yes! You're already being incredibly generous in offering a family a safe place and Project Sunflower Aid Society will find a way to fill the gaps. In fact, we will talk about this as part of developing the Ukrainian Family Settlement Plan, which sets out the expectations of you, the Ukrainian, and our Society for the 3-month time period.

Question #2: If I sign up, how long am I expected to host a Ukraining family or individual?

Answer #2: We are establishing 3-month settlement plans. We are looking for hosts that can make a 3-month commitment to provide stability as Ukrainians arriving in Canada have already had to move around quite a bit.

Question #3: What if I can't do 3 months? What if we can do more than 3 months?

Answer #3: The 3-month plan is simply a baseline. If you can only do a shorter period, please reach out anyway. There are always differnet circumstances we are trying to accomodate.

Question #4: What if we can do more than 3 months?

Answer #4: That's great! We will review the 3-month Ukrainian Family Settlement Plan close to the end and see what works for everyone. If a renewed 3-month plan is needed or wanted, that's an option, too. It will be based on a conversation.

Question #5: What is involved in the home interview & inspection?

Answer #5: After your application, and before the Ukrainian family arrives, we arrange a meeting to get to know you better and inspect the proposed home. The form we use to guide this process can be seen here: Home Interview and Inspection Form (PDF)

Welcome Box Donation Program

Let's Show Ukrainians How Much We Care

If you have larger items like furniture to help families who are moving into new homes, please send a description and/or photos to help@projectsunflower.ca

Also, do you have any of the items listed below? We regularly update the image below, and bold those items that we currently need the most.