The below list of resources within the community are not provided by Project Sunflower Aid Society and therefore might change without us knowing. We do our best to keep the information below up to date. The resources being provided are done so at the discretion of those organizations providing the services. If you have further inforrmation or your experience does not align with the information below, please let us know by contacting us at

Service Canada

Alberta Support for Ukrainians

Click here to visit the Government of Alberta site, which includes information on:

  • Settlement agencies who can help

  • Language services

  • Getting a driver’s licence or identification

  • Getting health coverage

  • Health services

  • Education

  • Child care

  • Finding work

  • Getting your credentials and qualifications recognized

  • Banking

  • Income support

  • Housing

  • Ways to help

  • Emergency financial support and benefits

Lethbridge Family Services

Book an appointment with Lethbridge Family Services, via the Lethbridge Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Program. Among many other things, they should be able to help with:

  • Public Transportation

  • Language Education

  • Medical Referrals & Finding a Doctor

MyCityCare Lethbridge (Clothing)

We have partnered with MyCityCare Lethbridge, who graciously provides all Ukrainians with the ability to visit their store and get the clothing they need when settling in Canada.

Servus Credit Union Banking Services

Servus Credit Union is providing significant financial support, which can be seen here. This includes:

  • Chequing account with no fees for two years

  • $250 cash gift per adult (18+) joined on the account

  • A three-year, fixed rate personal loan of $2000

  • A Servus Mastercard credit card with $1500 available limit and six months of minimum payments waived